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  • Navigating Multilingual Patent Drafting with AI: Key Takeaways from the Powerclaim Office Hours

    On April 11, 2024, Bastian Best hosted a session of the Powerclaim Office Hours focused on the capabilities of large language models (LLMs) to draft patents in languages beyond English. This topic, pertinent to the global and multilingual nature of intellectual property (IP) law, reflects a growing interest in leveraging AI for more efficient patent…

  • Can LLMs draft patents beyond English?

    Most LLMs have been trained on a large corpus of English texts. But how are their capabilities beyond English? Can they be used to draft patents in German or French, for instance? I’m going to run a quick demo in the upcoming Powerclaim Office Hours. There’s also room for an open Q&A about all things…

  • New Seminar Dates Available

    The first Powerclaim Seminar is in the books. If you couldn’t make it but still want to deep-dive into the exciting world of local Generative AI, here are some additional dates: Head over to the Seminar page to get your ticket.